Artur Kyshenko vs Dzhabar Askerov Fight Cancelled

Vladimir Voytekhovsky, the LEGEND Tournament match maker: “Artur informed us today that he is unable to make weight (71 kg), and therefore withdraws from the coming fight with Askerov”.

Kyshenko will be replaced by Murthel Groenhart fighting out of Mike Passenier's legendary “Mike's Gym”. Groenhart is the K-1 Italy Oktagon champion and K-1 World MAX 2012 champion, where he defeated Artur Kyshenko in the final.

Dzhabar Askerov vs Murtel GroenhartDzhabar Askerov vs Murtel Groenhart

As a reminder: this is Artur Kyshenko's second withdrawal from a fight against Dzhabar Askerov. The first time it was during the Grand Prix of the LEGEND Fighting Show Final Four. Kyshenko's injury in the semi-final fight against Yuri Bessmertny was his reason for withdrawing from the fight with Askerov. And now, two weeks before the LEGEND-3 Tournament, Kyshenko decides – again - not to fight with Askerov.

Dzhabar Askerov comments on the situation: “I know that Kyshenko has changed his weight class and I know how difficult it is to work off excess weight. I can understand and accept it… Nothing has changed on my part though: I'm ready to fight any man at any time”.

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