Interview Alexander Surjko

Moscow-based Surjko is a big name in thai boxing in his homeland, but would get major attention around the world if he can defuse ‘Semtex’ Daley under kickboxing rules.

Surjko said:

I am ready and I want to show what I can do in Europe. Paul Daley is a big name in combat sports, and if I can beat him it will only be good for my career.

Former UFC and Strikeforce ace Daley is on a roll in kickboxing after racking up back-to-back stoppage wins over Shaun Lomas and Aleksandr Stetcurenko.

ALEXANDER Surjko vs Paul Daley

But Surjko holds major advantages in height and reach over the Brit and aims to use them in their super middleweight stand-off.

And if using his long limbs from distance proves ineffective, he said he will not be afraid to meet Daley head-on in the trenches.

It will be a hard fight because he is very fast and has a hard punch, especially his left hook

Surjko said.

He has had many knockouts and he isn’t a grappler, so he is very comfortable with his striking, and I’m expecting him to try and catch me with the left hand.
I want to see what he will do in the first round and fight him at distance.
I have long legs, so I will be using kicks, teeps and jabs from long range.
If that strategy works, I will continue with it.
If it fails, I think I will fight with him on the inside.

Surjko added:

I think I have more ways than one to win, if I have to use them.
I’m tall and he is short.
And I’ve beaten a fighter like him before. Pawel Biszczak is very similar.

Adam Steel