Interview Michal Turynski & Pavel Zhuravlev

The Ukrainian star and LEGEND heavyweight champion will tackle last ditch substitute Michal Turynski, who has stepped in to replace his Polish countryman Tomasz Szczepkowski.

It doesn’t matter who you face, the most important thing is that you prepare like a champion

Zhuravlev said.

Michal Turynski vs Pavel Zhuravlev

That’s what I’ve done and I’m looking forward to putting on a good fight and showing why I’m the LEGEND heavyweight champion.

Turynski said he is in a win-win situation, whatever the outcome of the fight.
The 27-year-old from Wroclaw added:

I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. I only got the call for the fight at midday on Thursday, but I’m always in shape. He is a good fighter, but I’m here to fight.

Adam Steel