Press Conference: "LEGEND 2. Invasion"

Mirko Filipovic

Last Friday Combat Sports Club No 1 hosted a press conference dedicated to the 2nd edition of the LEGEND Fighting Show to be held at the Luzhniki Minor Sports Arena on November 8.

Badr Hari's Seminar in Moscow on October 23

Badr Hari's Seminar on October 23

At 19:30 on October 23, the K-1 star, well-known heavyweight Badr Hari will have his first seminar in Russia in the Combat Sports Club No 1 prior to his "LEGEND" Tournament bout.

Paul Daley vs. Alexander Yakovlev at the Legend

Paul Daley

Paul "Semtex" Daley, the famous British knockout artist, is going to have his first ever fight in Russia. He will be heartily welcomed on the ring by Alexander "Bad Boy" Yakovlev, a 28 year old welterweight from Novgorod, Russia. The bout will be held during the Legend tournament this November at the Luzhniki Minor Sports Arena.

«Legend» will come back with the rematch of the decade

Alexander Emelianenko vs. Mirko "Cro Cop"

In November the “Legend” will come back to Moscow and its Minor Sports Arena “Luzhniki” with the new unique fighting show culminating in the fight between Alexander Emelianenko, renowned Russian heavyweight, and Mirco “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Croatian MMA and K-1 legend.

Ruining a Legacy: Should Badr Hari Retire?

Badr Hari

Last Saturday in Russia, Badr Hari lost in embarrassingly sloppy fashion. It was a far-cry from 2009 and his earlier performances in the K-1 Grand Prix. After seemingly giving up after the 10 count and allowing the much smaller Samedov to take the win, it has prompted many fans to ask the question- Are Badr’s best days behind him? Is it time to retire?

Badr Hari Falls to Zabit Samedov

Badr Hari Falls to Zabit Samedov

Badr Hari is a fighter who is known for being one of the most explosive and entertaining fighters in the world to watch, mostly thanks to his reckless style of technique and fighting with raw emotion. A composed and focused Badr Hari can be a very dangerous fighter to be standing across the ring from, but as we’ve seen in the past before, Badr is not immortal and there are holes in his game. The holes in his game were on full display in March when he met Zabit Samedov in the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 8. In fact, due to some questionable refereeing, I even had some doubts about that fight, with Badr Hari clearly going down at least once without him being counted down.