A failure to win points to poor preparation

-Are you ready to beat Artur Kyshenko?

-I'll try hard. I want to beat him, no matter what it takes! In fact, I intend to win the 4-man contest.

-It has been stated officially that Zambidis withdrew from the tournament because of his injury, and what would you say about it?

-I think Zambidis came to realize that his fight with Askerov was arranged for him to lose it. That's why Zambidis pulled out. And that's my personal opinion.

-Who out of the four competitors is the favorite?

-If we go by ranking, it's Kyshenko. But it's a four-man contest, so anything can happen.

-What is the reason for your recent loss to David Kiria at Glory 7 Milan?

-I had a title bout in Monte Carlo with Alexander Zakharov 6 weeks earlier. I won but got seriously injured. To add to this, I had a lot of other small hurts. So I was not able to prepare adequately for the fight with Kiria, I didn't even do any sparring, but we decided to go onto the ring anyway.

-You came short of victory in some of the bouts. Why?

-A failure to win points to poor preparation. You only get as much as you give!

-You are training in Minsk. Have you ever had any plans to train at a Dutch club, like Kyshenko, for example?

-No. I stand by my trainer. I don't see any point in training without him.

-Have you had any serious offers from GLORY?

-None so far. I don't think anyone would offer anything nice after such a bad fight. But I hope I'll have another chance of boxing at their tournament and will be able to be at my best there.

-Where do you like to box best of all?

-Mainly in Italy: the fans are great there.

-What needs to be done to become the best?

-To live and breathe training...

Source: superkarate.ru