The opponent is of no concern!

The opponent is of no concern!

On May 25 Artur Kyshenko will take part in the "Legend" tournament. This event will be staged in Moscow at the "Luzhniki" Minor Sports Arena. Artur will fight in the welterweight four-man contest. In the meantime Artur has kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his professional career.

The "Legend" Fighting Show will explode with the names and an awesome ambiance

Timur Solovyev

Timur Solovyev, a well-known TV presenter, has decided to start his own project. The screen star has told "Sobesednik" about his "Legend" in an exclusive interview.

I intend to crush my opponent in standing position

Sergey Khandozhko

Sergey "Honda" Khandozhko, a welterweight fighting out of «Р.О.Д.Ъ» Club, will fight during the tournament in a MMA rules bout with Eduard Vartanyan from Combat Sports Club No1.

A failure to win points to poor preparation

Yury Bessmertny

Yury Bessmertny (Belarus) who will meet Artur Kyshenko in his first bout, granted us an interview in his time-off between work-outs.

Enriko Gogokia: I must take the Championship belt back to Odessa

Enriko Gogokhia

Interview granted by Enrike Gogokhia who will take part in the "Legend" tournament in Moscow on May 25.

Refereeing at the "Legend" Fighting Show

Ruslan Suleymanov, CEO of the "Legend" Promotion company: To ensure transparency and fair play during the tournament, we have invited international referees.