Interview Paul Daley

All of this evening’s seven fights are taking place in a five by five metre ring.
And knockout artist Daley feels the relatively confined space is ideal territory for him to hunt down his much taller Russian opponent.

For him, I think the ring is a bit of a disadvantage

UK brawler Daley said.

Legend-3 Шоу, бойцы, backstageLegend-3 Шоу, бойцы, backstage

I’ve seen his interviews and padwork, and his aim is to keep the fight at distance and stay at long range. Use his front kicks and right body kick and throw right uppercuts, because I’m the shorter guy. But, for me, I think he has to get involved in a fight in this ring, and I think that is where I shine. Because I punch very hard. I’ve fought guys at my weight, and a lot above my weight as well. I hit them hard and knock them out. That’s how I operate. I think he is going down, to be honest with you.

Adam Steel